Charles Balenga

My trip started on September 27, 2018 from Edmonton to Cairo, Egypt on September 28, 2018. On September 29, we went to Aswan, Egypt for the preparation of the Gathering. In Aswan, I had the opportunity to share about my God given vision for Africa and about both my books 31 Essential Principles of Leadership and Africa, It’s Time! The time in Egypt was full of prayer and listening to God. It was a time of great connections.

I talked about Africa’s relationship with Israel and how that relationship is key to what is happening in Africa. Many people bought my book Africa, It’s Time! I met a Jew at the Gathering and we interacted about Africa’s relationship with Israel. I met another African sister in Christ who is working with her husband in this area of Africa’s relationship with Israel.

While in Aswan, I talked about the need for Africans to graduate from racism and to start embracing all Africans regardless of the colors and races. I remember a White Namibian brother speaking spiritually to me and confirmed the call of God in regard to Africans acceptance of all Africans regardless of the race and Africa’s relationship with Israel.

The Gathering was highlighted with prayer for Egypt, the reconciliation of Egyptians with other Africans, especially from South Sudan and the reconciliation of Egyptians with Jews.

After the Gathering, a group of nine of us, all Canadians, went to refresh ourselves in Alexandria, Egypt. It is in Alexandria where I saw God speak into my life in an extraordinary way. I was the youngest in the group as everyone else was at least 10 years older than me and others more than 20 years older. God used these men and women to speak into my life in a special way. The Holy Spirit was so present in a way that I do not think I had experienced Him before. Much was confirmed in terms of God’s calling on my life for Africa. That experience sent me to Zambia a totally different person.

I left Egypt on October 10 and got to Ndola, Zambia on October 11, 2018. I was warmly received in Zambia right from the Ndola Airport by a great group of brothers and sisters of the Zambia Baptist Association. With the leadership of the Zambia Baptist Association we talked about many things and we visited their clinic or mini-hospital in Mungwi near Kasama. With the ZBA Executive Director, we visited Fewale Bible College that has been training pastors and Christian leaders for many years. With him we also visited a wonderful centre of Baptist missionaries who established the wonderful project ‘Farming God’s way’ which is training many local farmers to farm well. They also have at their facility a wonderful variety of sports activities, such as Basketball, Soccer/Football, Volleyball and other sports. They even have a study hall where students from the neighborhood come to study and do homework.

While in Zambia, I preached in two of the Zambia Baptist Association churches. I did a leadership seminar at the Evangelical University on what will take for Africa to join other continents in development. I did two days leadership training in Kitwe for a different Christian denomination.

My biggest assignment was teaching the leadership training to pastors and leaders of Zambia Baptist Association. Zambia Baptist Association has just over 200 churches in Zambia. It was a four days leadership conference and I was the facilitator or guest speaker/trainer for the conference. I used mainly my book 31 Essential Principles of Leadership. I taught 16 out of the 31 principles. For the main two full days (the first and last day were shorter days) I was teaching at least nine hours per day, starting from 8:30am until 9pm with short breaks in between. I was amazed even at how God strengthened me so much during those 9 hours of speaking each day; I only felt tired when I went to lie down in bed. God intervened and the training was well received. The training was interactive with lectures, questions and feedback reflections from conference attenders. 

The biggest highlight was when I spoke on teamwork. I brought in all the workers at the conference centre and spoke about their value to the organization. These were cooks, janitors, security guards, and more. These workers had never been honored publicly and were often seen as lower or inferior in class.  At the end, a number of the people attending the conference thanked the workers and also spoke about their value to the organization. They were honored publicly with a great ovation. Everyone was talking about it. It was quite a moment and quite an experience.

After Zambia, I left for London, England. There I met some African pastors and leaders and we had great conversations around my books and God given vision for Africa. On Sunday, November 4th, 2018 I spoke in one of the African Diaspora church in London. The message was so well received that the leadership of the church asked me to go back and do leadership training to leaders of their five churches in London.

My hosts in London were former missionaries in different African countries, including Malawi, Tanzania and Nigeria. We had a very fruitful discussion around the main question of my book Africa, It’s Time! ‘What will it take for Africa to join other continents in development?’ While in Europe, I also visited my brother and sister and their families in Denmark. During my visit there I spoke to some leaders of the African Diaspora and made some plans to go back to Denmark to do leadership training there.

The whole trip was extremely successful.